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Although Savaii is the largest island of the Samoan archipelago, the capital Apia is on the more populated island of Upolu, which is also the seat of government and centre of commerce.

Savaii is considerably less developed than Upolu, dotted with secluded beaches and crowned in the centre by the 609ft Mt Matavanu, whose eruptions in 1905 caused the people to migrate to neighboring Upolu.

East of (Western) Samoa you find the islands of American Samoa, with its capital Pago Pago - located on the island Tutuila. Pago Pago is a bustling town, but a lot less "American" as you might expect. On the northside of Tuituila you find a splendid National Park - ideal for nature walks. Perhaps one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific is Ofu, with its razorsharp cliffs, jungle and untouched coralreefs.

We have also included Tokelau in the Samoa section, because it is only accessable from Samoa (by regular cargoshipping service). Tokelau is a very remote independent Island group, formed by several atolls.

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